Things To Gift A Disc Golfer

Disc Golfer

Things To Gift A Disc Golfer

Christmas is here, and if you have a friend, acquaintance or family member who loves playing disc golf, you don’t need to wonder what you have to gift him! With our list of things a disc golfer will love, you won’t run short of ideas to make this Christmas a joyful one for your disc golf loving acquaintance! So here we go:


  1. A disc golf target set:
    So that they can practice whenever they want to, wherever they want to! This set is just perfect for the disc golfer known to you and watch him beam as he unwraps his present!dics
  2. Colorful disc sets:
    Get this one for your friend who loves to add color and spunk to the game of disc golf! And boy, he’s going to love it! Who won’t love a set of discs that come in varied colors?
  3. Glow disc set:
    Why go in for plain colorful when you can go in for the glow version? Glow Disc Golf is another version of Disc Golf and is loved by all! So go ahead, get that Disc golfer the glow version of discs!disc set
  4. UV Flashlight Glow Disc Charger:
    If your buddy already owns the prestigious glow discs, get them a glow disc charger. The glow discs require a charger to keep functioning well, so gifting them the UV flashlight charger, which is the quickest charger for glow disks will really help them.
  5. Disc holder bag:
    It’s lovely to flaunt your discs in an organized manner – color wise, pattern-wise, type wise – disc golfers will be delighted to receive such a gift from you!
  6. Gloves:
    A proper grip on the disc is something every disc golfer must have – and what’s better than gifting a budding disc golfer a pair of these gloves? It’s the perfect gift, especially for someone who is trying to master the tricks of the disc golf trade.
  7. Disc retriever:
    For those who love their discs and cannot bear the fact of their discs getting entangled in some unreachable places, this one’s perfect for them! The disc retriever can fetch you back your discs from underwater too! Gift one right away!

Apart from gifting options, if you’re a disc golfer yourself, you can consider adding these to your equipment kit!

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