General information

Prodiscus Baltic Sea Tour’2016 tournaments:

  • 23-24 April – Vilnius Open (TD: Darius Gricius)
  • 21-22 May – Jõulumäe Open (TD: Margo Peters)
  • 4-5 June – Laumas Open (TD: Gatis Kurzemnieks)
  • 25-26 June – Zarasai Open (TD: Darius Gricius)
  • 20-21 August – Braku Takas Open (TD: Sanita Krodziniece)
  • 24-25 September – Virumaa Open (TD: Timo Juursalu)

Prodiscus Baltic Sea Tour’2016 is played in 4 Divisions:

  • MPO (Open)
  • FPO (Female – all female players are eligible)
  • MPM (Masters – all players aged 40+ (born 1976 or earlier) are eligible)
  • MJ2 (Juniors  – all players aged <16 (born 2000 or later) are eligible). NEW – some regulation for juniors division will be introduced to ensure decent flow of the play for all players.


PDGA C-Tier tournament


3 best in all divisions will be awarded with trophies in each tournament, and for overall Tour standing at the end of the year. There are also Challenger Cups in all divisions for overall Champions with a name and year engraved.

Money purse for overall Tour winners in Pro divisions (MPO, FPO and MPM) will be at least 1′800 EUR in 2015:

  • MPO – 1st place – 400 EUR, 2nd place – 300 EUR, 3rd place – 200 EUR
  • FPO – 1st place – 200 EUR, 2nd place – 150 EUR, 3rd place – 100 EUR
  • MPM – 1st place – 200 EUR, 2nd place – 150 EUR, 3rd place – 100 EUR
  • NEW – the Tour will introduce cash prizes in each tournament for PRO divisions!!!

Baltic Sea Tour points system:

Every player who participates in any BST tournament is awarded with BST points in his/her division.

4 best tournaments out of 6 will count for each player. Important – player should always register for the same division during the season. If player is eligible for few divisions, and will choose to play differently in separate tournaments – his/her points will count for the division he was registered.

Points calculation system:

  • First place gets 100 points
  • Second place gets 95 points
  • Third place gets 91 points
  • Fourth place gets 88 points
  • Fifth place gets 85 points

y/w * ((x-z)+1

  • y=85(maximum points 5th rank)
  • x=number of participants
  • w=number of participants-4 (because first five already got points)
  • z=participants rank in tournament

First five always get before mentioned points so maximum points in formula is 85. For example 6th place gets the ranking points from 40 participants by that:
85/36 * ((40-6)+1)=82,64 (rounded with 2 digits accuracy)

Tied players for 1-3 places in both divisions by overall Tour points (5 best tournaments of the player) will be decided using this order of rules:

  1. Player whose biggest score is bigger than other tied players’ wins. If biggest score is equal – second biggest is compared and so on. If all top 4 scores of both players are equal, then
  2. Tournaments where tied players competed head-to-head are evaluated. Player with more victories over tied competitor wins.
  3. If more than two players are tied – only tournaments where all players played are considered (player with best position among all tied gets 1 point). When this is done and there is still a tie among only 2 players – apply point number 2.
  4. If it’s still a tie – 5th best result tournament is evaluated, then – 6th. This is applied only if all players in question have played five or six tournaments.
  5. If it’s still a tie – sudden death is played among tied players after last round of last tournament – on holes 1-5. If it’s still a tie – CTP on the hole announced by TD before the last tournament.