Disc Golf Tournament Strategy Tips


Disc Golf Tournament Strategy Tips

Keeping the rules of golf intact, Disc Golf is a fun version of golf – played with discs! And this sport is slowly gaining a lot of popularity since its inception in the 1970s. So much so, there are currently 44,000 active disc golf players across the world! The number may feel less, but to have so many players dedicatedly playing a game which is not so popular around the globe. And yes, they have tournaments too! So if you’re a disc golf player or an intending to start playing this super cool game, you sure need to go through these tournament strategy tips!


Pre-Tournament Prep:

You need to have a detailed study about the course before the actual tournament. Try to get a fair idea about the course, so that you can prepare accordingly. Some Disc Golf Courses don’t entertain players before the actual day of the tournament – but that shouldn’t stop you from getting reviews from tonnes of websites out there.


Pack Your Bag Right:

PocketPick clothing depending upon the weather of the tournament location. You don’t want to have cold hands and feet right before your tournament! A comfortable pair of shoes would help you for swift movements. Apart from this, make sure your discs have a unique identification mark – it will help to set your disc part form the others. And make sure you’ve picked the right discs to suit the event rightly.


Prepare Yourself:

This is the most important thing. While disc golf isn’t a high-intensity sport, it does have some minimum requirement of expectations from your body. So, keep your warm-ups, light cardio going on to maintain the flexibility of your body.


Eat Well:

You need to keep yourself fit – something well begins much before the tournament day! Even on the day of the tournament, make sure you eat nutritious stuff that will keep you light and agile. Loading on sugary things and energy drinks isn’t going to help you maintain the required stamina levels to play this game.

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This game is all about fun! So make sure you have the time of your life playing it. While everyone signs up for a tournament with the intention to win, take a chill pill and enjoy the process – keeping the winning part at the back of your mind. Play, have fun and bring back tonnes of memories and probably even a couple of friends with whom you can continue practicing disc golf even in the offseason!

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