How and Why Should You Bet on Less Popular Sports

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How and Why Should You Bet on Less Popular Sports

Betting on sports is as old as, well, sports. Thanks to technological advancements, sports betting is becoming increasingly more popular as it is simply more easily available. There’s no need anymore to actually go to a bookmaker’s office since you can literally click a few buttons on an online casino to get your bets done. If you are looking for a good sportsbook or Latvian casino, is the go-to site for best casinos in Latvia.

Over time, more and more new sports have also shown up on sports betting sites, increasing the betting variety. On most betting sites, you can find tens of sports fields and even international events for making some predictions. Interestingly enough, most sports bettors still opt for the ’golden trio’: football, basketball, and horse racing. According to Statista’s survey, 77% of people placed bets on football while only 4% made their bets on golf and just 2% reported to have made bets on ’other’ fields. 

Football is the reigning champion, but there are plenty of reasons to bet on alternative sports as well – even disc golf. Here are a few considerations that might make you think more deeply before betting on the good old popular sports and instead, might make you want to bet on less popular options.

1. The odds might be very lucrative

First and foremost, betting on less popular areas can sometimes simply pay off better. The thing is since many smaller fields don’t have such heavy competition, many bookmakers offer very lucrative odds for these sports and often, these odds can be even ten times bigger than regular football matches. 

Of course, this depends on the specific sport, but it’s very common to find odds that are higher than average, all because the field is simply not that popular yet among bettors. 

2. Less research to do

We all know and love football, but since that field is so huge and there are tons and tons of matches going on every single day, keeping up with the news and statistics can be troublesome even for hardcore bettors – there’s just too much to know and analyze. 

When it comes to lesser-known areas, like disc golf or darts, there are far fewer matches going on which means that you have more time to research the field and there’s a lot less information to dig through. 

3. Your unique insights might matter more

Of course, if you’ve played football yourself and haven’t had any close encounters with other sports, it’s tough to imagine betting on any other field – and it might not be a good idea to do so since you have your own unique insight to football. 

The same works the other way around. If you know disc golf as well as your own five fingers but don’t know much about football, it makes sense to bet on disc golf matches instead. These insights and knowledge on the game’s specifics might mean it’s more likely for you to make successful bets, resulting in bigger winnings.

4. The thrill of the chase

Last but not least, betting on alternative sports gives you the satisfaction of having placed a bet on something more unique and winning with that bet while betting on football can often feel like just hitting the right spot thanks to dumb luck. Surely, sports betting is about luck, but if you have a great understanding of a lesser known sports and that knowledge pays off with your bet, you get the adrenaline rush you might not get while betting on something all others bet on. 

As you see, there are plenty of reasons to tackle sports betting from another point of view. Don’t be afraid to try new things – even if that means betting on disc golf, darts or snooker while all others bet on football. Use your knowledge and insights in your favor! 

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