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The last tournament of season 2016 is approaching this weekend. As 8th season of the Tour is coming to the end, it’s good to review who is still able to come as the winners this Sunday.

Let’s start with our youngest guns – Juniors! The situation in this division is crystal clear – we already have the winner! He is Lithuanian Aidas Stončius. Sadly Aidas is not able to travel to the last tournament, but 5 tournaments was enough for him to become unreachable. In general junior division was dominated by 5 young guns from Lithuania, who were the only players to compete in all 5 tournaments. Vėjas Ūselis currently placed second will not compete too. He can only be moved to 3rd place by Ieva Navickaitė, but she needs a victory at Virumaa Open. If she doesn’t win – then she’s still in big fight for 3rd place overall with her younger brother Motiejus, who is only 2 points behind his sister!

Turning from youngest to oldest – Master division, we top 3 players from last year to most likely finish on podium again. Unfortunately Tadas Ūselis, currently placed second,  had to cancel his trip to Virumaa, and will not compete for overall victory. And he had quite good chances to reach the top! The competition for the title will be between last year winner Darius Gricius and top Estonian Master Raimo Kimmel. 2nd place is enough for Darius to secure overall leadership. Raimo obviously needs to win the last tournament, and hope for Darius not to finish second. If Raimo is 1st this weekend, and Darius – 3rd, they both will be completely tied! In this case audience will enjoy sudden death competition for the title!

What’s the situation at Female frontier? It’s obvious that we know top 3 players – it’s even two Latvians – Anna Riekština and Elena Vecmane together with Estonian Liis Päid. Liis currently 3rd, still has a tiny chance to jump into second position – this would happen if Liis wins, and Elena finishes 3rd or worse. But Elena is probably thinking of totally different scenario – she’s the only one who still can challenge her younger teammate Anna Riekština comfortably sitting at “yellow jersey” position. For Elena to steal the victory she needs to win the last tournament, and wait for Anna to finish 3rd or worse. If Anna is 3rd, the tiny difference in their results would come into game – the worst tournament for both – Joulumae Open. Elena was 4th and Anna 5th! All the rest would be exactly the same for both! What we’ll see for sure – new history will be written this weekend – 1st ever division winner from Latvia will be crowned at BST!

For the end – biggest Open division! We have two pair competing for podium positions. Latvian Gunars Grundmanis still has some chances to challenge Lithuanian Mindaugas Pošius for the 3rd. But the most important game will be between current leader, champion of 2014, Lithuania’s Gabrielius Gricius and raising discgolf star from Estonia – Siim Isup! If Siim wins the tournament – it’s enough for him to finish 1st in the season! Victory is sufficient for Gabrielius too. If Gabrielius doesn’t win, and Siim ends 2nd – they become tied in overall points (both would have 390). In this case 4th place is enough for Gabrielius. The would be tied in head to head competition (2-2), but then 5th tournament comes into game – and Siim had 5th place in Zarasai. If Siim is 2nd, and Gabrielius – 5th this weened – we’d witness sudden death!

Read more about points system.

Let’s see whose the strongest in Baltic Sea Tour!

This is an official announcement of calendar for season 2016. The tour will be played in 3 countries, with total 6 (or 5) tournaments. 1 tournament in Estonia is still under discussion, and it will be announced during upcoming month. Despite the total number of tournaments 4 best will count for each player for his/her overall standing in the Tour.


23-24 April – Vilnius Open (LT)
21-22 May – Jõulumäe Open (EE)
4-5 June – Laumas Open (LV)
25-26 June – Zarasai Open (LT)
20-21 August – Braku Takas Open (LV)
24-25 (??) September – ???? (EE)

Important  announcement – due to big summer festival in Pärnu town, we had to change the date of Pärnu Open tournament. It will be held 1 week earlier! Baltic Nations Cup teams competition will be played on 31 July, and BST tournament on 1 – 2 August

TD  Rene Mengel

Great news for all Baltic Sea Tour players!

Every player in his 1st tournament of the year in the Tour will get a sweet gift from our main Sponsor – exclusive Prodiscus Baltic Sea Tour’2015 mini!

Every player, who plays 3rd tournament in the Tour will receive this year’s Priduscus disc!

Even more – every player playing his 5th tournament will receive the second Tour disc!

For all players, for all the season – SPECIAL PRODISCUS DEAL at DiscCity shop – Premium and Ultrium plastic discs cost only 10 EUR! Basic plastic – only 9 EUR!

Thanks to the great sponsor – PRODISCUS!

New holes for Vilnius Open has been built at Puckoriai Course.
It will be between original holes 6 and 7. At the moment the new holes are coded 6A and 6B.
6A – ~60 meters, PAR3, with a tricky OB on the left from the basket. Tee is on the right from basket No6, and fairway goes further into trees.
6B – ~75 meters, PAR3, no OBs, just some trees… Tee is close to the rode, and basket is toward tee No7.

Some pictures from building the holes on FB (click the links bellow):

It’s official! Calendar for Baltic Sea Tour’2015 has been approved by BST board and all TDs. Here it comes. Let’s start planning great discgolf season!

11-12 April – Vilnius Open (TD: Darius Gricius)

2-3 May – Laumas Open (TD: Gatis Kurzemnieks) – NB: Date changed dues to big event in the region!

16-17 May – Finish Open (TD: Toni Toivonen)

27-28 June – Keila Challenge (TD: Tommy Markus)

11-12 July – Zarasai Open (TD: Darius Gricius)

7-9 August – Pärnu Open (+Baltic Nations Cup on Friday) (TD: Rene Mengel)

5-6 September – Braku Takas Open (TD: Gatis Kurzemnieks)

19-20 September – Võrtsjärv Open (TD: Martti Ojamaa)

Total 8 tournaments! First time ever – 3 tournaments in Estonia in one season.

5 best for each player will count for overall standings!

More competition, more players, more disc flights!

Additional info about all tournaments and the Tour will come. Stay tuned and keep it in the air!

Important info – as of yesterday (13January 2015) BST board member for many years Einar Elbing resigned. We thank Einar for great volunteering work which he’s done to grow discgolf in Baltic countries. He was one of the best contributors to Baltic Sea Tour success! Einar has been replaced by representative of Estonian DiscGolf Federation (EDGF). EDGF nominated their member Rainer Lipand to BST board for the season 2015. Rainer’s passion to the game will be of great value to further growth on the Tour and the sport in Baltics!

Rainer starts acting as the board member immediately! He has joined discussions and voting for important questions – selection of Estonian tournaments for 2015. BST board received record breaking 5 great entries from Estonian TDs, and it’s very tough to choose only two. Follow further news – the board expects to keep the deadline of 15th January and to announce BST’2015 calendar on that day!

Baltic Sea Tour board prepared a Christmtas gift for all TDs!

We invite all Tournament Directors to apply for organizing one of BST events! BST always had a mission to run high level tournaments, and help players and TDs to grow. Every TD is encourage to make applications!

All applications has to be sent to Tour director Darius Gricius (darosg [at] gmail [dot] com) 9th January the latest! The aim is to have fixed calendar by 15th January.
Please download the Application Form with all info.

Important! BST will consist of 2 tournaments in each Baltic country (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) + 1 tournament in Finland.

Please pay attention to the sheet “DG_calendar2015″ – try to propose dates which do not conflict with ET or other important tournaments.

All inquires should be sent to Tour Director Darius Gricius at darosg [at] gmail [dot] com

Zarasai Open tournament has been fully booked – 80 players registered! It’s a record speed of any Baltic Sea Tour tournament registrations – it took only 12 days!

Organizers of Zarasai Open now will be asking approve player’s participation in the tournament by paying player fee (all information will be send by e-mail to registered players).

For players still not registered – please don’t stop yourself from registering – there might be some de-registrations, and you will be first in a row. And TD still holds 10 wildcards. At least part of wildcards will be given away before 31st of March, with priority to high rated, female and junior players. After registering for wild card you are also encouraged to e-mail TD Darius Gricius (darosg at gmail dot com) giving good reasons why you are the perfect candidate for wild card.

Let’s keep it high in the air!

Important information for all players – BST board made a decision to announce non-smoking policy in all tournaments during season 2014!

We know that it might have many discussions, but the decision is final. When you think about sport it might be quite funny that we have such a discussion at all! We are developing sport, which is growing bigger and more serious, and gets bigger and bigger media and public attention each year. We also work hard to attract more junior players every year. So players, who would like to oppose this decision should first of all think about positive example they should show!

Baltic Sea Tour will follow PDGA non-smoking policy, first applied during Worlds 2011:

“Players will not be permitted to smoke from the start of play until the player’s scorecard has been submitted. Smoking of any kind during competition could result in immediate disqualification and further disciplinary action as stated in the PDGA Competition Manual, Section 3.3 Player Misconduct.”

And some more clarifications:

“* E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco are not allowed under the smoking policy
* Open and visual possession of any product banned under the smoking policy will be treated as a courtesy violation, and violators will be asked to put away the product until after the cards are turned in. Repeated offenses will be handled per 801.01F

The PDGA is initiating a number of programs to develop and grow youth and student participation in our sport. This policy will help strengthen our image in the eyes of the public, and allow us to further enhance the experience of competitive disc golf for all participants.”

Any comments and ideas regarding the topic can be posted to Tour TD Darius Gricius – darosg [at] gmail [dot] com

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