Baltic Nations Cup’2016 – 5th edition!

Competition info:

Baltic Nations Cup is the only National Teams competition in disc golf for countries around Baltic sea.

Baltic Nations Cup has been played 4 times in 2012 (in Estonia, Joulumäe course), 2013 (in Latvia, Lejasciems course), 2014 (in Lithuania, Vilnius Pučkoriai course), 2015 (in Estonia, Pärnu Jõekääru disc golf course).

Traditionally it’s played on Friday before one of Baltic Sea Tour events. This year Baltic Nations Cup competition will be played in Estonia again, on Alutaguse Discgolf course.

Tournament info:

Date and time: Spetmeber 23rd, 4 – 7 pm

Course: Alutaguse Discgolf course (course caddie book)

Format: 1 round, 18 holes. Played in groups – 1 member from each team – 4 player in the group. Random draw of pools.

Points system (subject to modifications, depending on number of participating teams):

Skins format. Single winner on the hole wins 2 points. If there are 2 winners – each wins 1 point. If there are more than 2 winners – no points on the hole. Each hole played separately – player accumulates his total amount of points on all 18 holes. (NB – “normal” result is not important, thus players are encourage not to hole out if winner(s) of the hole is(are) clear).

Registered Teams:

Estonia I – Ralf Rogov #51689 (captain), Siim Isup #79993, Marko Narits #63170, Anre Vooremaa #57091.

Estonia II – Jako Känd #64539 (captain), Anti Orgla #62931, Hristo Neiland #70759, Karl Kukk #72738.

Latvia – Gunars Grundmanis #43605 (captain), Aigars Ancans #85977, Dainis Ruks #84099, Sergejs Volkovs #71809. Reserve: Sandis Engelis #54861.

Lithuania – Gabrielius Gricius #41934 (captain), Mindaugas Pošius #50439, Darius Gricius #41932, Raimondas Mikalkėnas #71644. Reserve: Andrius Navickas #41937.

Prize: Challenger Cup for Winner Team!

History – winners:

2012 – Team Finland (Jalle Stoor, Miko Fyhr, Arttu Sikanen, Nils Iso-Markku)

2013 – Team Estonia (Tauno Tõld, Martin Rotmeister, Rait Konnov, Rasmus Sepp)

2014 – Team Estonia (Martin Rotmeister, Silver Lätt, Marion Kull, Marko Narits)

2015 – Team Estonia (Silver Lätt, Martin Rotmeister, Rene Mengel,Tommy Markus)

(In picture – Winner of Baltic Nations Cup 2015 – Team Estonia: Silver Lätt, Martin Rotmeister, Rene Mengel (Tommy Markus – missing). Photo: Einar Elbing)