Baltic Sea Tour welcomes all players to the tour. The registration will come in 3 stages. BST always had some special treatment for the Tour players. 1st stage will have priority for players who already played in BST’2016 (important – PDGA membership is required in Stage1!). As there is more and more interest to grow PDGA rating among players, the second stage will have priority for current PDGA members. 3rd stage will be open for all players.

STAGE 1 – August 29 09:00 –  September 2  12:59

Priority for players with PDGA membership who already played in Prodiscus Baltic Sea Tour’2016.

Link to overall player rankings.

Current PDGA membership is also required (it’s not enough to be on the list!).

STAGE 2 – September 2 13:00 - September 9 12:59

This stage is open for all PDGA members.

The only limitation is Juniors division (MJ2) – additional special rules apply (for stage2 and stage3). MJ2 player can register if:

he/she is PDGA member with a rating of 650+

he/she is born on year 2001 – 2004

if junior player doesn’t meet any of requirements above, but feels that he/she is ready for full weekend of discgolf on demanding course, he/she must get approval from his country coordinator. Please contact Tour Director (Darius Gricius – darosg [at] gmail [dot] com ).

STAGE3 – September 9 13:00 – September 16 12:00

In this stage all players can register, with only limitations for Mj2 players (please see stage2 for details).

FOR ALL STAGES: in PRO divisions you have to choose if you play for CASH prize at the tournament (fee – 40 EUR) or for TROPHIES ONLY (fee – 20 EUR).

Registration will be confirmed if done on right stage, and fully paid (i.e. there is no payment deadline – player has to pay player’s fee immediately to guarantee his/her spot in the tournament; first paid – first served). Only when player has been marked as confirmed he/she is in the tournament.

Waiting list will be established only if there are 80 paid players (not including 10 spots reserved for TDs wildcards).

Important: Registration made during wrong stage (when player was not eligible to register) will be manually removed from system. Player will need to register again when his/her valid stage of registration starts.

Registration will be done on system – it is advised to create a user account on the system before registering. IMPORTANT – please use your real name, surname, and PDGA number in your account details! (in case you already have an account – please make sure you use real details as “Your player name” and “PDGA#”.

Click here for REGISTRATION FORM! (for PRO divisions – please state your chosen player fee level in comment – 20 EUR or 40 EUR)!

PAYMENT INFO: Please read this!

Players whose fee reaches the bank account by the deadline will guarantee the spot in the tournament.

If persons included in Registered players list have not made the prepayment till the deadline, their spots will be allocated to players from Waiting list.