BALTIC SEA TOUR was started by disc golf enthusiasts from Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2009.

The main mission of the Tour is to promote disc golf sport in Baltic countries, encourage more players to compete, and of course to create the highest level competition in the region.

All 3 countries hosted tournaments in 2009 and 2010. Both years Tours consisted of 4 tournaments. It grew to 6 tournaments in 2011, with a new country – Finland!

Tour has grown again to 7 tournaments in 2013! It was played in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland in 2013.

Tour continues with 7 tournaments in 2014 (list in General info’2014).

Big news in the Tour of 2014 – two new divisions added. Female and Master players will have their own divisions. Amateur division was transformed to purely Junior division. BST keeps tradition to offer only MJ2 – division for juniors under 17 years old. “Older juniors” (aged 17-19) competes very well in Open division, and laste year overall winner Gabrielius Gricius (19 year sold) is the best example of it.

The main prize of the Tour is Challenge Cup (in all divisions) with Champion name engraved on it. The Cup has 9 sides, representing 9 countries around the Baltic sea.

Winners of previous Tours are:


2009 – Iosif Yusim (RUS)
2010 – Ville Piippo (FIN)
2011 – Veli Berglund (FIN)
2012 – Miko Fyhr (FIN)
2013 – Gabrielius Gricius (LTU)
2014 – Gabrielius Gricius (LTU)


2014 – Maie-Ly Pihus (EST)


2014 – Iosif Yusim (RUS)


2014 – Dobilas Dainys (LTU)


2009 – Einar Sauk (EST)
2010 – Gabrielius Gricius (LTU)
2011 – Pranciskus Gricius (LTU)
2012 – Pranciskus Gricius (LTU)
2013 – Maie-Ly Pihus (EST)

All BST tournaments have been registered as PDGA C-Tier tournaments since 2010.

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